A Not–For–Profit Martial Arts and Olympic Sports Initiative

Community Outreach

We Maintain our Commitment to the Community

Through our community outreach programs, we are aiming to provide recreational opportunities for the many children that are in the refugee camps within the Palestinian Occupied Territories.

Our Community Outreach Initiatives include:

  • - Free Classes
  • - Pathways for Athletes & Coaches
  • - Education Programs, Training & Support
  • - Training Scholarship for Gifted & Talented


According to  UNWRA (2010), there are still approximately 1.8 million refugees still living within the Palestinian Occupied Territories (778, 993 West Bank, 1,106,195 Gaza Strip).

Refugee Camps


We are committed to bringing real hope and creating sustainable opportunities

Palestinian refugees or Palestine refugees, as defined by United Nations General Assembly’s Resolution 194 and confirmed by the UN Conciliation Commission for Palestine (UNCCP), are persons who have been displaced from their homes in Palestine, including both Arabs and Jews.

The West Bank has 19 Official Camps, with 194, 514 refugees (estimated 2012).

We are committed to bringing real hope and creating sustainable opportunities for the children in the refugee camps. We recognize that sport is a powerful social tool that can leave a lasting positive impact in the community through, health, education and economic empowerment. We want to put smiles on the faces of kids that have never been provided with some of the most basic services and opportunities.

Free Classes


Palestine MMA in the Community

If you can’t come to us, then we will come to you.

We want to build strong and lasting relationships with our friends in the community, particularly in the refugee camps. Our coaches conduct free classes in the refugee camps on a regular basis. Classes are aimed at giving as many children as possible the opportunity to partake in variety of sports and activities, with a view towards them leading happier, healthier and more active lives

Open Mats

The gym provides allocated time slots where the community can come and train for FREE!  We want the community to get healthy and active and we don’t want cost to be a factor.

Health and Education


Healthy Body & Healthy Minds

Sport is not all about competition, it’s about being active, meeting new people, learning new things and being the best person you can possibly be – we want everyone to be active with us, regardless of age, gender or ability.

We remain committed to ensuring that our programs contribute to better lives by:

  • - Creating opportunities for social interaction, in a safe, fun and supportive environment
  • - Providing opportunities to learn new skills and build confidence
  • - Promoting regular physical activity and healthier, more active lifestyles
  • - Providing opportunities to be the best that you can possibly be


Coach Education

Leading the Next Generation of Palestinian Athletes

We want to develop world class coaches, capable of teaching, mentoring and supporting the next generation of Palestinian athletes. The sustainability of our program depends on quality coaching and we are committed to ensuring local coaches get the best possible support, training and education.



Identifying and Supporting Talent

We want to support hard work, dedication and talent.

Our Scholarship programs are based on ensuring potential athletes are given as much support as possible to excel in their preferred sport. Our range of sports provides a variety of opportunities to compete at national or international level. We are committed to providing as much support as possible in the hope of one day seeing one of our own carrying the flag on the international stage.

Talent Identification

We have a comprehensive talent identification scheme aimed at targeting gifted and talent athletes in various sports. We are committed to ensuring a transparent and fair process in identifying those that have the qualities our team of coaches feel will put them in a good position to excel further.

Talent Identification can take the form of:

  • - Scouting and gathering information through established networks
  • - Open Trials
  • - Special Training Camps
  • - Technical, Physical and Personality Assessments


Although scholarships are provided on the basis of merit, we ensure that everyone has the opportunity to trial in a safe and supportive environment.