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My name is Michael Dahdal.


I was born in Jerusalem, moved to Sweden when I was 2 and then finally settled in Sydney Australia at age 7. My family is from the small biblical village of Taybeh, in the West Bank near Ramallah.


I’ve been a sports industry professional for several years having graduated with Bachelor of Applied Science (Sports Studies) and a Masters in Education in Australia. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and work on sports related projects with local community groups, sporting organisations and governments. I have worked with Rise Global on developing national sports strategies, in Abu Dhabi on the implementation of the School Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programs, with elite athletes, in the health and wellnes sector and so the list goes on. With everything I have accomplished so far, my longing is still to make my contribution tomy country of birth.


Times are tough in Palestine, but yet the people remain resilient, we have a generation of talented youth, that given the opportunity will make amazing change. I have always been inspired by athletes that push boundaries and transcend their sport. Some of my fondest memories growing up is going out on a Sunday morning with my father and my brothers and catching the LIVE Mike Tyson fights.


I’ve worked with amazing athletes and coaches, across multiple sports, and I think its about time I bring some of that knowledge and experience home. I was inspired one morning by Ramsey Nijem, watching his LIVE entrance into the UFC Arena proudly representing Palestinians everywhere with his image beamed around the world, it was a statement. In that moment, the idea for Palestine MMA was born.


Palestine MMA is a non-profit initiative. We don’t just want to develop talented athletes that can make ripples around the world, but we want to change lives by doing the hard work and connecting with Palestinians that need and want it the most.


Follow our journey and feel free to keep in touch.

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