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Identifying and Supporting Talent


We want to support hard work, dedication and talent.


Our Scholarship programs are based on ensuring potential athletes are given as much support as possible to excel in their preferred sport. Our range of sports provides a variety of opportunities to compete at national or international level. We are committed to providing as much support as possible in the hope of one day seeing one of our own carrying the flag on the international stage.


Talent Identification


We have a comprehensive talent identification scheme aimed at targeting gifted and talent athletes in various sports. We are committed to ensuring a transparent and fair process in identifying those that have the qualities our team of coaches feel will put them in a good position to excel further.

Talent Identification can take the form of:


  • Scouting and gathering information through established networks

  • Open Trials

  • Special Training Camps

  • Technical, Physical and Personality Assessments


Although scholarships are provided on the basis of merit, we ensure that everyone has the opportunity to trial in a safe and supportive environment.

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