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 "Our greatest battles are those fought within .. "

Stop the Hate. Share the Love.

It still amazes me what kind of emotion the word 'Palestine' invokes in people. What are you all afraid of? Here we are trying to spread some love, build something sustainable for our children, trying to get a completely independent sports program off the ground, something thats not-politicised and peaceful, something that is working to empower boys, girls, women and men alike. Any age, any religion, any nationality, any ethnicity and still we get some hate.

“Why are you teaching terrorists how to fight?”

“Why are you encouraging violent people to be more violent?”

“Anything that stops them from stabbing innocent children”

No shit, these are just some of the comments we have had to deal with since inception. Oh the ignorance that still exists! I won’t respond to any of these comments specifically as I don’t give them any validation.

Let me set the record straight. Palestinians identify as Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Druze, Atheists, Agnostic and everything in between; we have co-existed peacefully here for centuries. This is not about politics or religion, this about being human, mutual respect and understanding.

For any Christians or Jews out there dishing hate onto my Muslim brothers and sisters, shame on you. For any Muslims out there dishing hate onto my Christian or Jewish brothers and sisters, shame on you. For any Jews out there dishing hate onto my Christian or Muslim brothers and sisters, shame on you.

I am not ashamed to identity myself as an Australian-Palestinian Christian. The village of Taybeh, where my family has been indigenous for centuries is known for hosting Jesus himself. It is known as “Taybeh-Aphram - the isolated place where Jesus found the diaphanous quietness to prepare himself and his disciples for the great sacrifice” - can you think of a better place to train? The ultimate retreat.

Before you spread the hate, I would advise you to get educated. If you want to come and visit, we will welcome you with same hospitality we have displayed through the ages. To the Martial Arts as an established positive influence in people’s lives, I won’t even begin to defend that, when you call Bruce Lee a terrorist, come back and talk to me.

To all of you passionate about our cause, we ask you to show some love, not just by liking and sharing, but by making a contribution to help bring our project to life, your support will give our new generation a platform to have their voices heard, both locally and internationally.

Let us work together and silence all the haters.

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