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 "Our greatest battles are those fought within .. "

It’s Not Just About Surviving, It’s About Thriving

As Conor McGregor quite eloquently put it, “we are not here to take part, we are here to take over”, there is something profound in a statement like that.

It’s no secret the struggles the Palestinian people have had to endure. Yes, we have a vast number of our population living below the poverty line, yes we have hundreds and thousands of refugees scattered all over the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria. Yes, we have an extended diaspora spread all over the world.

Ofcourse, humanitarian aid is imperative to help some of these people survive, but that’s not where we want it to end, nor should it. We don’t want to merely survive anymore, we want to thrive.

Success breeds more success, as long as we are only just surviving, then we will never be able to build the momentum required to empower and inspire a whole new generation. We need champions, we need role models, we need heroes that drive us forward and are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

We have a proud history of amazing people doing amazing things; there are people of Palestinian descent making waves all over the world in music, film, science, entertainment, law, politics, the arts, business, sport and more.

Too long have our successful people been silenced, too long have we been too afraid to speak out in fear of being ostracized. We are a proud people, a people that have made our contribution to pushing this world forward – but many of you would never even know it.

For too long have we lurked in the shadows, it’s time we don’t just survive, but we thrive. We have a whole generation of youth spread all over Palestine and around the world, given the right opportunities and support, they will also make their mark; sport is just one way to help them do that. As a people, we have lots to be proud of, but we have barely even scratched the surface of what is possible.

Make your contribution and let’s build something where we don’t just have to try and survive anymore, but we can truly thrive.

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