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Palestine MMA teams up with Rise Global Australia

Rise Global has signed on as a strategic partner to Palestine MMA. The agreement will see Rise Global provide strategic guidance and technical support services to ensure Palestine MMA is able to develop and deliver world class programs, products and services.

Rise Global is an Australian Sports Development Consultancy group active in developing and providing support services in the areas of sport and development globally. Rise Global consultants have previously contributed to sports projects in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Asia, Australia and the South Pacific, this also included a government funded Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program in Abu Dhabi schools.

“I am very happy to be associated with the Palestine MMA program” said Michael Dahdal, Rise Global’s Managing Director. “Rise Global has a wealth of experience and expertise in developing sports programs globally and we are very happy to be able to apply some of that expertise to support the development of sport in Palestine – we see our association with Palestine MMA as a way to give something back and we hope to set the foundation for a sustainable program, that serves the needs and interests of the Palestinian people” he added.

Palestine MMA is a non-profit martial arts and Olympic sports program which is scheduled for launch in the West Bank.

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